What is 181/158 as a mixed number?

Accepted Solution

Solution: 181/158 as a mixed number is 1 23/158MethodsStep-by-step solution of converting 181/158 as a mixed numberThere are three basic steps to convert an improper fraction to a mixed number:Divide the numerator by the denominator (you can use long division if you want to!) to find out what the quotient and the remainder are. If the fraction is made up of whole numbers, you will always get an integer quotient and an integer remainder.Note down what your quotient, remainder, and original denominator is.Now rewrite these three numbers in Step 2 in a mixed number format where:the quotient is the whole number next to the proper fractionthe remainder is the numerator of the proper fractionthe original denominator is the new denominator of the proper fractionLet’s apply these steps to our problem. What is 181 divided by 158? If you do some thinking or long division, you should get:181 ÷ 158 → Quotient of 1 and a remainder of 23.Now that we have all the numbers we need, let’s piece together our answer:181 ÷ 158 = 1 23/158Practice solving other mixed number problems:The best way to become a pro at converting improper fractions to mixed numbers is by practicing. Take a look at some more problems below so that you can solve it without hesitation!What is 45/40 as a mixed number?What is 105/24 as a mixed number?What is 21/6 as a mixed number?What is 28/7 as a mixed number?What is 113/26 as a mixed number?